Chakshu Face Attendance

The Future of Biometric Attendance is here.
Powered by AI, Chakshu Face Attendance App is a Face Recognition based Touchless (Covid-19 Ready) alternative to traditional contact based attendance systems.

Problems With Current
Employee Attendance Systems

Fingerprint Based Attendance Systems

  • Unhygienic (Touch Based, Covid-19 Prone)
  • Expensive and Bulky Hardware
  • Limited number of Users
  • Additional Costs of Installation, Repairs and Maintenance

RFID Based Attendance Systems.

  • Additional Costs of RFID user cards,
    installation, repairs and maintenance.
  • Buddy Punching, which causes
    huge losses in an organisation.
Here's how we Leverage AI to solve these Problems

Chakshu Face Attendance lets you manage your staff
attendance using Face Recognition on your Android Device

Enroll Employee Details

  • Easily Enroll your Employees from the Enroll Section of the App.
  • For Every Team member, a clear picture is captured and their details are saved.

Clock-In Attendance

  • The Employees stand in front of the device which automatically captures and recognizes their face, providing you and your organisation a Completely Touchless Experience. The Time-Sheet syncs with the app and In-Out timestamps get registered in real time.

Manage Teams

The Chakshu Face Attendance App comes with a Web Dashboard that lets you -

  • Manage Each member's Access
  • Add Multiple Shifts
  • Automate Time-Sheet Emails to HR and Finance Department
  • Export Daily, Weekly and Monthly TimeSheets & more.


  • Say goodbye to Buddy Punching. Every captured face goes through a Spoof Check. Our SpoofSense Algorithm is trained to detect Spoofing Attacks.
  • Faces Classified as "Spoof" are rejected by the App, making the process completely Spoof Proof.

Powerful Features

  • Touchless
  • Easy Enrollment Process
  • State of the Art Face Recognition
  • Informative TimeSheets
  • AntiSpoofing
  • Customizable Shifts
  • User Friendly App
  • Multiple In-Out Tracking

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